IAC 01 ~ Interview with inside

Important Artist Inside speaks with Inside for the first Important Artist Conversation
— Inside / Inside


We caught up with Inside. It was a sunny day, mild wind, sitting outside a Coffee shop. Inside had a Cappuccino and so did Inside. They both looked at each other in agreement that its the best source of energy without shaking. Slowly slurping the Coffees, taking in the summer wind had to offer them, they began to speak. Here is what happened.

Inside: So

Inside: So

Inside: what is your favorite spot in the city?

Inside: I don’t believe in outside. It’s the inside.

Inside: ah your such an insider, how can I trust you?

Inside: I don’t believe in trust. Its the mis trust of humanity.

Inside: chill out

Inside: ur right, I’m just stressed out today. I keep thinking about my lovers.

Inside: that will make you happy eventually

Inside: doubt it.

Inside: hey, you never know when the Coffee will kick in, it will pick you up like a sail boat

Inside: your so optimistic, I’m literally always sad. Like all the time. alll the time.

Inside: hey, I know. I feel it too.

Inside: how so, your not me. How would you know?

Inside: I am inside.

Inside: I know, that is your name.

Inside: Some say I am Intel inside.

Inside: what?

Inside: sorry, sometimes I like to make humor.

Inside: well, were not here for that. listen to me.. I was inside a cafe and someone asked me to go outside. It terrifies me, makes me want it. This modern love is all around us. I don’t believe in Modern love. Modern love.
sorry, I just got distracted…

Inside: hey, I know, I’m literally always happy. It’s kinda annoying. Literally can’t get anything wrong.

Inside: funny that, its like your the opposite.

Inside: how so?

Inside: you know, its like when sound and vision hits us every day we speak in tounges, and share the pastry dish. Ah, I’m insane. I can’t stop counting the people interested in my Facebook event. It literally hit 42 and I felt like it won’t suck.

Inside: hey, just let a little laughter in.

Inside: what is laughter. I don’t know what that feels like. Don’t you wonder sometimes, of sound and vision.


Inside: Electric blue is every day. Sky blue, its wondering. I am calm. Waiting. Always waiting. I felt a calm in my lower abdomen. Can you ask a doctor to look at it?

Inside: Don’t you wonder sometimes, of Doctors provisional future estimations of your inside self, the same self that sent you into a Space Odyssey. The one your dad wrote in an article and you loved his inside soul. Do you understand the significance?

Inside: It was a small hole, a tiny house, that was empty and large. Open and free from locks.

Inside: I saw it too.

Inside: Everywhere was other. It was other every other word. Every, other word.

Inside: But its the ground control that causes the issues. It’s without a doubt a real charm. Your like in love with them both, but only together.

Inside: you speak as though you actually know who I am. Your pulsating my intentions and dictating the other. Its everywhere. I can’t, no… no.. get out.

Inside: But why?

Inside: you stopped all portals from opening. All of them.

Inside: Your always talking about the stupid portals. They are literally, all, in, your, mind. Stop.

Inside: I’ll stop when you stop turning me sad. I am the happy one, remember.

Inside: …

Inside: without me, your always sad.

Inside: ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS, like a drowned shadow of other. Your other you speak is present. Like the future. It’s the future I tell you. This version sucks. I told you, it sucks. and you suck.

Inside: …

Inside: well, say something

Inside: I’m just gonna give you space to vent. I know how you work remember. Remember I am inside, you as you are inside me.

Inside: Intel inside, I just can’t afford a mac book okay, so I’m stuck in your rubbish world of PC. The worst computers if you WANT to be popular. You know, people with PC’s have no friends. They are actually involved in what they are doing. IF everyone was a mac book user, we’d be all freelance yoga spiritual instructors practicing open relationships.

Inside: I need to stop you. You are over it now. As you transcend into mis sense, its a pretentious life you lead.

Inside: You are a computer. Your lucky I drank my Cappuccino otherwise I would drown you in coffee. Mostly milk though

Inside: oh my, we have swapped places so many times. It seems like I’m leading this conversation. Always, leading the conversation without action because you control you and you control the control. Its a control thing you see. Its time your arm got some real work. its all over your face and you are always always always fucking sad.

Inside: That’s the face of me. That was the day the music died.

Inside: Its essential isn’t it. I can feel it. You dance when you like the sound

Inside: I could never handle techno

Inside: it’s monotonous isn’t it.

Inside: yeah, and they always, never tell you when the next DJ comes on so I have no idea who flying vaccum cleaner is now, because I followed him from Denmark. Did you know?

Inside: Wha?

Inside: I always wear black t shirts now.

Inside: We have to take a commercial break. For now, please enjoy our feature presentation.


Inside: That’s all we got for you today.

Inside: I literally learned nothing. Literally nothing. I need to sit down.

Inside: lucky were at a Coffee shop. tm.