IAP 10 ~ Steve

Important Artist Steve says “here is my work, it is about Steve”
— Steve

Adelaide, 2003

Adelaide, 2003



my name is Steve

Stephen for short

Adelaide, 2003

Adelaide, 2003

some people ask me,
whats your last name?

I don’t have one

My Dad told me I’d never be a comedian
because I was too dry

So I took a shower

I stopped drinking the other day

Now I’m really thirsty

Did you hear about Sting?
He had a run in with the Police

I went to the supermarket the other day to get some Scuba diving equipment

because mine had run out

This one time
in the desert

I saw a koala
And I said,

What are you doing here?

Its New Zealand

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide, 2004

This one time
in the supermarket
I saw a guy who looked like a wizard

So I said to him
sorry to bother you there
but, are you a wizard?

He said, why yes
Thank you for noticing

I said, whats your name wizard guy?

You may have heard of me,
I’m Gandalf

Holy shit,
I’ve never heard of you

So I said, what do you do now?

He told me he was a driving instructor

Makes sense, flexible hours
good for a wizard

I asked him
What do you do if you have a student who is very unlikely to pass?

He said, well
I’d have to say

You shall not pass

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide (family home), 2003

Adelaide (family home), 2003

Adelaide, 2004

Adelaide, 2004


1. Hey Steve. What inspired you to begin comedy?

I decided I needed to start building my confidence. As a child I was very unsure of myself and felt very alone in this feeling. I was surrounded by a lot of people with a lot of physical confidence, fully in control with their body, yet I always felt a bit lost. With comedy I found a common ground. I always knew I was funny, it was just about trying to connect with people.

2. How have you found the comedy scene in Berlin?

It is very frequent. There is an awful amount of opportunity to make work on stage. Once your in your in and this is a beautiful thing. It is very interesting. I feel as though I’m undercover, as people see me as this chilled out guy. I have a very large secret that I don’t tell them despite how I dress. I am in fact transgender. I don’t mention this in the comedy scene but if people like me, then they have connected with me as a person, and in fact made contact with a transgender person. This for me is the best form of activism I can take.

3. Really big news. Why don’t you tell people this as you perform? When I heard you introduced at a show they were using he / him / his pronouns?

It’s about comedy. I mention to people after. People see what they want to see. They do not really even acknowledge it when I tell them. It is something not fully understood, perhaps. I let people see what they see.

4. What was your first time on stage?

When I was a a child, I would perform to my grandparents and do Mr Bean impressions. This for me was my first audience. They would laugh and laugh, and at the time I was fearless. I am always referring back to this moment when I perform because it was the first time people were expecting something from me on stage. That’s what comedy is sometimes - expectation. This for me is fascinating. I am expected to make them laugh, and at some point, when you know you are able to do this, you stop caring if they laugh or not. It is about bringing back the power to you and they ultimately feel that. Comedy is more than a bunch of jokes, its a social experiment. It has so many layers, beyond the initial idea of making a crowd laugh.

5. This leads me onto the last question, what do you get out of making people laugh?

I find that it allows you to feel as though you have achieved something. It is very instant. You are in a bathroom, cleaning the toilet saying jokes out loud and then one sticks and you put this joke into the audience and they laugh. Something that came, from your imagination. You repeat it, over and over and over and people still laugh - with new audiences. You can bring joy to people and the better you get, the more joy you can give people. Its about sharing happiness more than anything. If that can be a job, then sign me up. It beats sitting at a desk all day and staring at numbers. This is why I like making people laugh. Its more than just jokes, its happiness.