IAP 11 ~ Bex Day

Important Artist Bex Day says “here is my work, it is about Hen”
— Bex Day

Hen is an anthropological study on the fluidity of gender, and an exploration into the lasting impact societal restrictions concerning sexual identity and gender roles have upon us. Day investigates how gender stereotypes have affected the transgender community and asks if the modern day feminist movement has had a resonating impact on how we define gender - and if as a society we should.

Hen translates in Swedish as the gender neutral personal pronoun, the equivalent to ‘they’ in English. Transgender is an umbrella term and includes those who identify as transgender and non-binary which is explored within the works.

Featuring 30 subjects over the age of forty, Hen tells the personal stories of those within the community, and the common themes of loss and discovery that unite them throughout their journey.


Hen is sponsored by Chan Photographic Imaging and Old Blue Last beer and have partnered with Stonewall Housing, an LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall Housing provides the only specialist housing advice, advocacy and support service for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) people working to ensure LGBT people live in safer homes, free from fear, and where the community can celebrate identity and support each other to achieve full potential, as well as Press for Change (PFC), the UK’s leading experts in transgender law. PFC is a UK-based campaign group focusing on the rights and treatment of transgender people. Its aim is seeking respect and equality for all trans people in the UK. The group led the campaign for full legal recognition for transgender people living in Britain including the right to marry.

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