IAP 07 ~ Zeke Greenwald

“Important artist Zeke Greenwald says “here is my work, it is about Catastrophy”
— Zeke Greenwald

Two poems

by Zeke Greenwald




To waken now were sickness,

Just so much does my head hurt;

Yet there’s no break to catch from

The clangor of the outside world:


A dog, with helpless barking,

Strips my desperate sleep of hope;

Despairing rest, I dream of

slitting the barking dog’s throat.


If in life there is a question

That pain is sure to pose,

at least it makes me wonder,

Just what hope there is of hope.


Full hope, I’m promptly answered!

For a fellow in God’s great plan

Walks from the house, strikes the dog,

Silence is restored again.





Good night


I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m saying goodnight,

I couldn’t stay for another beer.

No, not because I’m gluten intolerant

Do I hasten to disappear!


It’s my freak that I’m loath to go to bed

Unless somebody is aware:

It’s often I try to wait out the night,

So I’m tired when somebody’s there.


When somebody’s there, I would rather that

I relieved my sorrow with cheer,

But the company only makes it that

For slumber I lose my fear.


So I say goodnight, then I console me

With pillows and blankets and sheets:

I’d stay and chat, but it’s just that saying

Goodnight means a great deal to me.