IAP 01 ~ Aleixander Norton

Important artist Aleixander Norton says “here is my work, it is about the human condition”

— Aleixander Norton
Hi my name is alex and i like to relax.jpg

Are you alt-right?
Are you alright?

Are you all right?

Naked lake

T w o

Is spelt,


Space among

Atom columbine

And harvest a seed

To produce plant based leaf products


They make a face

A facial idea

Faculties will tell you

~ this will be useful





The basis of aesthetical

Based upon learnt grammar


Grandmas say

Once the time is passed

You are eventually dead



Tortoise, walked 

Turtles swam

Only because a second s came along to inspire


Turtles swam

You see, s

Implies a swam

dayna is cool
— everyone


When my brother lay down

All their organs unraveled

Pieces of his mind. 

Uncover your desperate sadness 



Sat in an art collectors room

With the half stuck

Plaster feet parade

Dirt and pile






So many books

Can you see the disintegration 


Dust emerge



I’m sorry I left you 

I was spending time with her in her bed

I thought it would have been something 

Everything projected then

Eventually fell



I’m staring at all the books

Information is a key tool

You have the key in a pocket

It’s safer to keep the key in your pocket

Did I not tell you


To hit your own head

Does not achieve 

Will you dump your own body into a shallow river

To swim






You heard a mahogany table 

Shift to a right and place on the top of a mountain

Woodland, spring 

You can feel it when you discover time panels

It’s the kind of thing that just happens

You know


Two grey hound buses falling off the side of the road

The rabbit leaving their legs at home

Turning to frogs on the speedway 


That kind of thing


People hire me to fix their internet 

I have a few methods of repair

In the beginning I turn it on and off 

After that

I’ll unplug it and press the reboot button

If this is not successful


I will come back another day



I am the wood carpenter 

I make things from wood

I wake up 

And pack away my wood for the day



Someone told me to print business cards

They should read as follows 


I am the wood carpenter 


I make things from wood








Walk around with a piece of paper in your hand at work

It can be blank

When your colleague asks you

Say your just doing an errand

Untitled Blue (blau), 2014

Untitled Blue (blau), 2014

my name is intellerable
no i wont give you a doner
shes my wife


  1. Summarize your work in one word?

  2. What inspires you to continue making work?
    People, animals, ongoing issues and the need to continue to explore our environment.

  3. What are you currently working on at the moment?

    I am working on a Poetry publication called ‘Conversations with’, focusing on any kind of ISM, prejudice, difference of opinions, sentimentality within humans, positive and negative parts. Through Placing real life concerns in an abstract and absurdist structure aims to open up our conversation through the aesthetic of words and how they are used within the art context, away from a poetry context.

  4. Who inspires you most to push your work further?

    The people around me form a group that physically pushes me to new heights. Every city I move to allows me to gather people whom inspire and provide inspiration back to them ~ the artist’s cycle. The writers around me, in particular Dayna Gross, Vincent Reineke, Mairead Kiernan, Ron Ingalla, Luke Swenson, Marius Presteud and their visual work, in particular Maansi Jain, Lois Da Silva, Sam Laughlin, Gabriel Hollington and the work of Weserhalle, a gallery in Berlin, run by Ben Ham, provide me with a group of artists that I can reach out and talk to, provide connections with, invite to self initiated projects and collaborate with. These people are super heroes on and off the court of art and home.

  5. If you could say anything to your former self, regarding your art practice, that would help you progress what would it be?

    Every self initiated step you take is providing you with a piece that will form a bigger work later on. Nothing is ever finished. Every person you meet and love with connect you to your ideas and send your ambition higher, allowing you to seemingly create a path that is your ‘destined’ route within art. Hey, right now, other people are being published a lot, and you just graduated, but give it time, you do not need to find your medium, you will continue to add to your pallet and then the penny will drop that you are an artist, not a specific skill persona.